Services & Rates

Line Edits: This edit focuses on your writing at a sentence and paragraph level, checking for run- on sentences, dialogue issues, tense shifts, redundancies, etc. and should come before a copyedit.        $0.010 per word

Copyedits: This edit fixes punctuation, grammar, repeated words, and consistency throughout the ms and should come after content and line edits.       $0.008 per word

Proofreading: Final read-through of your prepared manuscript before it goes to print.               $0.004 per word

* I request a 10-page sample of your work before a deal can be set.  Please email me directly at *  Thank you.

Payment: I use PayPal (they require a transaction fee that I pass on to the author) or I will accept a check, whatever is most convenient for you. I require half of the payment up front and the remainder when the manuscript is delivered.

Turn-around time: Turn-around depends on your needs and life in general. I like to have 2 weeks since I sometimes have multiple assignments at a time, but I promise we’ll be able to work out a good return deal.  If you need a manuscript returned within one week of your initial submission, there is an additional expediency fee.

I review each manuscript multiple times before returning the material to my client. I believe in being very thorough with my work.

I look forward to hearing from you and reading your work!